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Medical Services

RKM has been providing quality care to the local community since 1999. As a federally qualifi­ed health center, RKM accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. In addition, we offer a sliding fee scale for those who qualify.

RKM Primary Care encompasses the whole family.

We offer:

Primary and Preventative Medical Care
Physical Exams
Wellness Visits
Lab Tests
Pediatric Care
Women's Health
Diabetic Education

What kind of Physical Exams do we offer?

We can provide a comprehensive general physical exam with labs, including chemistry, blood count, and lipid panel as well as glucose screening and urinalysis.

Pre-enrollment and pre-participation physical exams for students attending school or involved in sports and camp programs.

These exams consist of two individual assessments; the completion of a pre-enrollment or pre-participation form, and the physical exam itself.

Let us be your family’s choice to provide the right care, close to home.

**We offer translation services**