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Asthma Friendly Schools

PCPFHF has been a proud member of the Department of Health and Hospitals’ Region 2 Asthma Coalition. This coalition strives to improve the quality of life of those living with asthma in the Greater Baton Rouge Area. To accomplish this, PCPFHF has focused on establishing Asthma Friendly Schools.

What is an Asthma Friendly School?
An Asthma Friendly School provides a safe and healthy environment that reduces asthma triggers and maximizes the health, quality of life, and educational outcomes of all children.

The Asthma Friendly Schools initiative strives to address the following problems:

Undiagnosed and unreported asthma
Coordinating asthma care with parents
Medication administration issues
Lack of and variability among asthma action plans and other special care plans
Decrease absenteeism and early dismissal due to issues with asthma
How to become an Asthma Friendly School?
There are seven goals a school must meet in order to become an Asthma Friendly School.

1. Establish a process to identify students with asthma
2. Allow students with asthma easy access to fast-acting inhalers
3. Establish a school-wide process for handling worsening asthma
4. Identify and reduce common asthma triggers with the school environment
5. Encourage students with asthma to participate in school activities, especially physical activities, to the best of their abilities
6. Provide school personnel, parents, and the student body opportunities to learn about asthma
7. Collaborate with families, health care professionals, and school personnel to create asthma friendly schools

Our Asthma Friendly Schools

Thanks to PCPFHF’s work with the Region 2 Asthma Coalition, East Feliciana School System became Asthma Friendly in 2011. Our latest success has been in West Baton Rouge Parish, where all schools became Asthma Friendly in 2012. To do this, we ensured the following policies and procedures were in place at all schools:

Smoke-free campuses
No bus idling
Students are allowed to carry inhalers and anaphylaxis medications
School nurses educate asthmatic children and their parents, and keep Asthma Action Plans on file
Providing asthma education to teachers and staffe
Teachers and staff are trained in the LA Asthma School Management Plan
Here is our work highlighted in The Advocate:

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