The PCPFHF healthcare organization became one of the first nurse-practitioner operated systems in Louisiana in 1999. Primary care is provided by 15 nurse practitioners: five at RKM, two at Slaughter Health Center, two at Jackson Complex Health Center, one at West Baton Rouge Health Center, and one at Clinton Middle Health Center. Mental health services are also provided by a nurse practitioner at RKM. PCPFHF also employs four dentists , along with two registered dental hygienist, who cover the seven locations that currently provide dental services regularly at each site. RKM and Livingston locations provide dental care five days a week 52 weeks per year. The remaining East Feliciana locations have dental services on a rotational basis at least once per week throughout the school year.

RKM Primary Care
Ginger Hunt, FNP-C
Darie Gilliam, FNP-C
Judy Baker, FNP-C
Bettie Blackmon, FNP-C
Zelma Randall, FNP-C
Mary Lou Guillot, FNP-C
John Gary Chaney, APRN, APMHNP-BC
Marie Monique Attuso, MD
Christy Denicola, LCSW

WBR Primary Care
Dr. G. Tipton McKnight
Meredith Johnson, FNP-C
Zelma Randall, FNP-C

Ariel Brown, DDS
Marilyn Preibe, LCSW

Shenita Paynes, FNP-C
Lacy Hill, RN
Brandi Hodges, LMSW

Coleatha Fowler, FNP-C
Rhonda DeLee, RN
Jennifer Hendrix, LMSW

JCHC Dental
Phillip Griffin, DDS
Wynette Karno, RDH
Cynthia Hall, FNP-C
Melanie Stowers, RN
Johnathan Blanton, LMSW

RKM Dental Clinic
Adam Town, DDS
Phillip Griffin, DDS
Ariel Brown, DDS
Wynette Karno, RDH
Kristi Hill, RDH

Bereavement Services
Shannon Norris, LCSW
Kelly Ray, Ph.D.

RKM Primary Care Livingston
Mary Maxine McCrary, FNP-C
Betty Altman, DDS
Dottie Kubricht, APRN
Megan Frady, LSW

RKM Primary Care Springfield
Kimberley Smith, FNP-C
Ariel Brown, DDS
Ashley Daniel, L

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